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Part D is prescription drug coverage. Plans cover many medications that are prescribed by your doctor or other qualified health professionals.

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover prescription drugs. Many people who choose Original Medicare add a prescription drug (Part D) plan or choose a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part D.

In general, you may enroll in a Part D plan if you are entitled to Medicare Part A or if you are enrolled in Medicare Part B. In addition, you must live in the service area of a Part D plan.

What Does Medicare Part D Cover?


Medicare Part D Plans are required to cover certain common types of drugs, but each plan may choose which specific drugs it covers. The drugs you take may not be covered by every Part D plan. You need to review each plan’s drug list, or formulary, to see if your drugs are covered.


Prescription drug plans do not cover:

  • Drugs that are not on the plan’s drug list

  • Drugs that are covered under Part A or Part B

  • Drugs that are excluded by Medicare

What Does Medicare Part D Cost?

The insurance companies that offer Medicare Part D drug

plans and Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans with drug coverage

set their own prices, but the types of costs they include are similar.

Part D plan premiums and cost sharing can vary widely, even for similar coverage. You need to review plan details carefully.

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