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A hospital stay can be traumatic — to your health, wallet, and family. Even if you have other medical insurance, some costs won’t be covered. That’s when a Hospital Indemnity insurance plan can provide peace of mind by offering customized protection that pays benefits in your time of need.

What Hospital Indemnity insurance is

Hospitalization is expensive on its own, but it’s easy to overlook the additional costs you can incur while you’re hospitalized. Deductibles and co-pays will start piling up, and you may require follow-up outpatient care or a stay in a nursing facility. That’s where Hospital Indemnity insurance fills in the gaps in a way other insurance plans don’t. You receive your benefit directly, and you may use the payment however you want — from deductibles to travel and lodging expenses.

Why you need Hospital Indemnity insurance

Health insurance and Medicare cover some costs associated with a hospital stay, but not all of them. Hospital insurance acts as a supplemental plan to your existing primary insurance coverage to ensure you’re not dipping into your savings account or retirement income to pay for your hospitalization.

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